Fiza Shah – Founder & CEO, DIL

Fiza Shah was born in Quetta, Pakistan, moving to the United States in 1980. Educated in Pakistan, England and the United States, Ms. Shah initially worked in health care administration as manager of the Lakewood Medical Group. In 1997, Fiza founded Developments in Literacy (DIL) and under her leadership, the organization has successfully established hundreds of  schools and educated tens of thousands of children throughout Pakistan’s four provinces, and is committed to providing education that equips students and teachers with academic competencies and life skills.

Patrons – Global

  • Dr Nafis Sadik
  • Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan
  • Dr Maleeha Lodhi
  • HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan
  • Rt Hon. Boreness Greenfield of Ot Moor Prof. Pharmacology
  • Rt. Honourable Baroness Verma of Leicester
  • Pinky Lilani OBE

DIL Trust UK Board of Trustees

The DIL Trust UK Board of Trustees develops strategic goals and program initiatives; reviews and approves annual plans and budgets; assists in expanding outreach, visibility and donor support; and monitors the progress of the organization.

  • Samir Anzur – Chairperson
  • Tasnim Ghiawadwala – Vice Chairperson
  • Ebrahim Saeed – Treasurer | Global Board
  • Rubina Riaz – Co-Founder | Vice Chair Events
  • Ruha Khandwala – Co-Founder | Former Treasurer
  • Ahmereen Reza – Co-Founder | Former Chair | Global Board
  • Romana Ahmad – Vice Chair Events
  • Aymen Moazzam Malik – Events
  • Tahir Wahid – Governance
  • Akhter Mateen – Governance & Projects
  • Qasim Abbas – Finance & Strategy
  • Paul Smith – Governance

Honorary Advisers

  • Mohammed Khamisa QC
  • Taimur Khan

Benefit Committee Members

  • Fozia Alvi
  • Faheen Habib
  • Fehmida Manji
  • Nazoo Manji
  • Raheela Ahmed
  • Zainab Butt