The Twins Pakistan project is a co-operation between DIL Trust UK and the UK charity Twins.  The project links schools between the UK and Pakistan for practical support, educational interaction and cultural understanding.


One of the underlying principles of Twins is that every penny raised by a UK school is spent directly on its own ‘twin’ school in Pakistan.  Nothing is taken for administration and funds are not spread between schools.  This means that everything raised by those in the UK is spent on those with whom they are building direct relationships in Pakistan.  The purchase of items such as IT and sports equipment, generators and water-coolers is carried out by project management according to strict controls (Twins Pakistan never gives cash to schools).


Much effort is made to avoid dependency and co-dependency mindsets, by balancing such giving and receiving with a strong focus on educational and social interaction.  A fundamental aim of Twins is to establish mutual understanding and friendship between children of different cultures and religions.  This is achieved through various collaborative programmes, some of which are compatible with inclusion in UK national curricula, in recognition of how little spare time schools have available.


For a list of schools taking part in the Twins Pakistan project, links to where donations can be made, more details of the project and how to join, visit the Twins Pakistan page of the Twins website.