DIL Trust UK’s vocational training program initiative in Pakistan

Since its inception in the 1997, DIL has successfully established over 250 girls’ schools in some of the poorest, most remote areas in Pakistan’s four provinces. Our main aim is to provide quality education, primarily free of cost, to girls living in rural areas and in communities where very little development has taken place. As of December 2018, 24,240 students were being educated in DIL schools in Pakistan. The education they receive is secular with a strong emphasis on the math, sciences and proficiency in English.  DIL’s aim is to equip students with the skills needed to compete in the job market.

DIL also runs teacher-training programmes, which are available to all DIL graduates and all its employees, through which DIL seeks to continually improve the quality of education offered in its schools.  DIL is now developing vocational training courses (VTC) to provide further support to the communities in which DIL’s schools are located. DIL’s VTC programmes target young women, the families of DIL students, and the local communities where DIL schools are located.  One of the first VTC’s to be established by DIL will provide vocational training to the DIL school community in Orangi, which is located in Karachi and is one of the largest squatter settlements in the world.

Target Groups in Pakistan

  • Primarily girl’s education in the rural and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan
  • The extended family of DIL Students and the local community where DIL School are established in Pakistan, will be provided free Vocational Training courses.
  • All staff as well as former students of the DIL School in Pakistan will be provided Teacher Training.

Long term initiative in Pakistan

  • Extend the vocational training to other DIL school community in the four provinces of Pakistan.
  • Provide teacher training facility primarily to girls (also extended to girls with UK passports living in various rural areas, which work in conjunction with the DIL Schools.
  • Adopting, purchasing and operating schoolspresently closed down in the rural and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan; with the object to provide vocational training courses to that community.

DIL Trust UK is working on a number of noteworthy, long-term development initiatives, some of which have ties to the United Kingdom:

  • Providing teacher training to staff and graduates from DIL schools as well as providing this facility to girls who have relocated to Pakistan from the UK following their marriage to a local individual (primarily in the Mirpur area)
  • Long term goal- Work in conjunction with schools in England to have teachers go out to work and provide improvement to DIL’s Teacher Training Institute.
  • Long term goal- in conjunction with local and UK branches of financial institutions; establish a micro finance programme to help graduates and their families start up their own businesses.